The Hospice Branch Administrator is a health care/humanservices professional with the knowledge, experience and ability to effectivelyadminister the Hospice Service and at least 2 years of supervisory or administrativeexperience in hospice or a related health program. Master level education ispreferred. A registered nurse graduate of an accredited school of nursing witha current license in the state of practice preferred.


The Branch Administrator is available at all times duringthe operating hours of the agency and participates in all activities relevantto the provision of home health services.


KNOWLEDGE AND COMPETENCY: Must demonstrate basic knowledgeof all procedures included in the Administrator job description. Must have theability to follow instruction from the Board of Directors. Ability tocommunicate effectively with physicians, managers, patients and co-workers.



REPORT TO: Corporate Director of Clinical Services ordesignee


JOB RESPONSIBILITIES  (includes but not limited to the following):


1.     Is responsible for the overall management of the Hospice Branch including the day to day direction, coordination and generalsupervision of the Hospice Service.

2.      Registered Nurseto direct the overall provisions of clinical services including general supervision,coordination and direction of the medical, nursing, and other patient servicesof the program.  Ensures appropriate staff supervision during all service hours.

3.     Establishes a formal means of accountability on thepart of staff members. Counsels and disciplines employees when necessary.

4.     Monitors business operations to ensure financial stability.  Monitors operational progresstoward accomplishing operational and strategic goals.  Ensures actionable objectives are derived from evaluation of Hospice services and personnel.

5.     Ensures that structure and systems promoteinterdisciplinary care.  

6.     Maintains written contracts/service agreements, including financial arrangements with other approved providers, to ensure appropriate service necessary to meet patient needs.

7.     Ensures collaboration with agencies and vendors foreffective management of services.  Insuring services provided by other agencies are authorized by hospice.

8.     Provides ongoing staff orientation and continuing education information on applicable laws, regulations, policies, and resource materials and staff development; including staying informed about changes in Hospice, Palliative and End of Life Care and shares information with appropriate staff and administrative personnel.

9.           Acts as official liaison between leadership and, the interdisciplinary group(s), the Advisory Group, other organization areas and the Agency staff, establishing and maintaining effective channels ofcommunication.

10.      Ensures the accuracy of public information material and activities.

11.       Implements effective budgeting and accounting system. Establishes a billing system. Supervises and approves all credit arrangements with patients. Maintains current status and collects all delinquent clientaccounts.

12.      Provides procedures and systems of staff communication which ensures coordinated implementation of plans of care and utilization ofnecessary services to provide comprehensive care.

13.      Works to employ or contracts when appropriate, with an adequate number of qualified personnel to carry out the function of the agency; provides for initial orientation of all employees, a continuous in-service training program and competent supervision designed to improved patient care and employee efficiency. Ensures Hospice personnel stay current with clinical information, current practices and local and national issues and trends.

14.  Directs staff in performance of their duties including admission, discharge, transfer,revocation and provision of service to patients ensuring supportive servicesare available to staff.

15.  Promotes sales through personal contact with health care providers and referral sourcesas well as through judicious advertising.

16.  Participates in local functions relating to health care and maintains continuous contact withthe local health community promoting hospice in the community.

17.  Ensures organizational compliance with legal, regulatory and accreditation requirements and localcompliance with all corporate policies and procedures.

18.  Ensures complete compliance with all local, state, and federal laws / regulationsregarding Medicare Hospice COP’s, and ACHC certification requirements whileassuring proper maintenance of medical records.

19.  Maintains and adheres to agency policy/procedures and patient care policy manuals.

20.  Evaluates environment and working conditions of field employees, maintains a safetyprogram, monitors safety policies to lessen company liability under Worker’sCompensation Program.

21.  Keeps informed regarding competitors’ pricing, services, and marketing strategies.

22.  Ensures that appropriate service policies and procedures are developed and implementedto accomplish identified outcomes.

23.  Responsible for an annual evaluation of the branch’s total program.  Evaluates Hospice services and personnel includingfield staff competencies, using measurable outcomes and objectives.  Monitors service utilization to Ensuredelivery of comprehensive care.

24.  Ensures appropriate data collection and regular, complete reports are received bycorporate leadership.  Assists in filing annualstatistical reports with the State and Federal agencies as required.

25.  Responds to any requests or inquiries for Medicare/Medicaid.

26.  Ensures standards of ethical business and clinical practice are maintained.          

27.  Ensures adequate space, equipment and supplies are available.

28.  Appoints a similarly qualified alternate to be available at all times during operatinghours in the absence of the administrator.

29.  Assists in taking referral and verifying orders with physicians.

30.  Direct sand schedules case conference meetings.

31.  Assists administrative staff in the establishment/review of policy and proceduremanuals.

32.  Assists with orientation/in-service education programs for all field staff.  

33.  Audits active and discharge charts for regulatory compliance when necessary.

34.  Participatesin “On Call” rotations when applicable.

35.  Maybe required to do intermittent visits following the RN job description, whenapplicable.

36.  Oversees the competency performance evaluation on field staff.

37.  Participates in in-service programs.

38.  Promotes hospice in the community.

39.  Other duties as assigned by supervisor.



Physical Demands:


Must be able to read normal typewritten print. May berequested to work weekends, holidays and after hours.