A minimum of one year of hospital experience and/or equivalent experience in nursing home or public health nursing is preferred. Satisfactory completion of the Certified Nursing Assistant Competency Examination. Must maintain strict confidentiality of patient information. Must be able to document patient care on appropriate agency form. Must have ability to carry out directions.


Patient Care Manager and the Registered Nurse in charge of the patient’s case.


Must demonstrate basic knowledge of all procedures included in the Certified Nursing Assistant job description. Must have the ability to follow instructions from the Nursing Supervisor and other professional staff. Must be able to communicate effectively with managers, patients, families and co-workers. Must have effective means of transportation, which will enable employee to make visits to patients’ homes. Must be able to assess safety of home situations for self, patients, and other staff members, including physical and psychological dangers. Must have the ability to effectively cope with patients, families, and all others with varying backgrounds.

Complies with the Homecare Agency dress code, projects a professional attitude toward self, patients, and other staff members, and follows department public relation policies regarding outside speaking and professional affiliations, clearing all such requests through Homecare Agency.

Maintains confidentiality of information relating to patient. Will discuss only those aspects necessary to care and treatment of patient with those directly involved in the patient’s care.


Provides personal care on an intermittent basis in a patient’s home under the supervision of the RN and the order of the physician.


(includes but is not limited to the following):

1. Follows the written instructions on the Aide Assignment Sheet for patient care, as prepared by the Registered Nurse.
2. Performs simple procedures as an extension of nursing and therapy services.
3. Gives personal care to patients, including but not limited to bathing, hair washing, shaving, mouth care, and skin care.
4. Assists patient with ambulation, transfers, and exercise.
5. Performs household services essential to health care at home.
6. Cares for patient’s surroundings as necessary to maintain a safe environment.
7. Gives reminders on medications that are ordinarily self-administered.
8. Reports to the Registered Nurses/Nursing Supervisor changes in the patient’s condition and needs.
9. Completes appropriate documentation according to Hospice policies.
10. Attends all mandatory in-service programs and staff meetings.
11. The Certified Nursing Assistant is primarily responsible to the Registered Nurse in charge of their patient assignment.
12. Other duties as assigned by management.

Must be able to complete all physical demands of the job, which may include but not be limited to: the ability to lift and transfer patients, carry supplies, and read normal typewritten print. Have corrected vision and hearing within normal range and have manual dexterity with normal range of motion of all extremities.

May be requested to work weekends, holidays, and occasional overtime. Must be able to work alone without usual support systems immediately available in acute care settings. Must have the ability to deal with abrupt schedule changes and to maintain objectivity in coping with the stress of working with acute, chronic, and terminally ill patients.