Implements sales and marketing plans for the hospice, build trusting relationships with healthcare providers and educates the community about the services provided. Must possess excellent communication skills, and believe in the services that hospice can offer patients and their families. A bachelor’s degree plus at least three years in professional healthcare sales is preferred.


REPORTTO:  Vice President Business Development & Sales/Chief Operations Officer




Must demonstrate basic knowledge of all procedures included in the job description. Ability to communicate effectively with managers, patients, families and co-workers. Must have the ability to effectively cope with patients, families and all others with varying backgrounds, socioeconomic conditions, and value judgments. Maintains confidentiality of information  relating to the patient and family. Will discuss only those aspects necessary to the care and treatment of patient and family with those directly involved in the patient’s care.


JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: (includes but not limited to the following)


1.       Responsible for developing and implementing sales and marketing strategies which achieve referral/admission growth objectives in coordination with Branch Administrator and Patient Care Manager.

2.      Develops and implements marketing plan.

3.       Provides basis sales and marketing training and coaching to hospice staff members providing community outreach functions.

4.       Meets with area Physicians, Social Services/discharge planners, Nursing Home Administrators, Spiritual community/churches, Seniors, Press/Media, Community organizations and other referral sources to present the hospice program and improve community relationships.

5.      Participates in fund development activities through implementation of direct-mail appeals, memorial appeals and community awareness as well as donor recognition events.

6.      Participates in community education presentations, including face-to-face contact and written correspondence. Provides education and resource information to the community, patient, families, and physicians to maintain an excellent service level.

7.       Responsible for trending& analysis of key marketing operational indicators, coordination of patient/employee/physician surveys & recognition programs.




Must be able to complete all physical demands of the assignment. Have corrected vision and hearing within normal range and have manual dexterity with normal range of motion of all extremities. Must have the ability to maintain objectivity in coping with the stress of working with acute, chronic and terminally ill patients.