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Nurse Practitioner

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The Nurse Practitioner who organizes and assumes overall responsibility for the medical component of the hospice’s patient care program under the direction of the Medical Director. Is employed full-time or part-time by the hospice or has a contractual arrangement that provides for comprehensive medical direction of hospice. Serving as a medical resource to hospice staff, patients, families, and attending physicians regarding pain and symptom control management.

Experience: Nurse Practitioner should have one to two years consistent patient care responsibilities including geriatrics, oncology and terminal illness care. Previous hospice and/or homecare experience is desired but not mandatory.

License certification and Registration: The Nurse Practitioner is required to have a current Driver’s license, automobile liability insurance, NP Licensure, and Professional liability insurance.

REPORT TO: Branch Manager / Medical Director

Knowledge and Skills:

Nurse Practitioner should have specialized knowledge and skills concerning the following:
1. Medical, Oncology and Pharmacology
2. Pain and Symptom Control
3. Diagnose and Evaluation of Patients
4. Psychological Aspects of Loss and Stages of Terminal Illness
5. Hospice Care
6. Humanitarian Attitude and a good understanding of Hospice Philosophy
7. Acceptance of the goals, mission and philosophy of Hospice

JOB DUTIES: (include, but are not limited to the following):

• Attend regularly scheduled interdisciplinary group meetings when needed
• Make decisions regarding the admission of patients to Hospice homecare or inpatient care settings, in conjunction with the hospice interdisciplinary group.
• Provide certification (in conjunction with the attending physician) and re-certification of patient eligibility for hospice care under the direction of the Medical Director
• Develop and revise individualized written patient care plan that reflects objectivities and procedures.
• Provide educational update support for medical staff when appropriate
• Provide assurance for the quality of the patient care rendered.

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• Resolve conflicts with the patient care decisions and established health care policies for employees.
• Provide supervision of cross coverage for physician services and act as liaison between the attending physician and the interdisciplinary group.
• Develop and approve inservice education for all caregivers
• Serve as a liaison with community physicians, medical schools and teaching hospitals.
• Provide 24 hour medical coverage for routine or emergency medical situations or securing his/her own back up in his/her absence.
• Perform other related duties as assigned.
• Collaborate with attending physician to ensure pain and symptom management and control.
• Document care provided in the patient’s clinical record providing evidence of progression of end stage disease process.
• Maintain knowledge of latest research and trends in Hospice and Palliative care.
• Review and Develop protocols for treatment and propose the most current options for interventions.
• Work in a team approach with IDT/IDG when needed
• Participate in the development and updating of patient care policies and emergency procedures.
• Participate in the resolution of interpersonal conflict and issues of clinical and ethical concern
• Demonstrates knowledge of communication and counseling patient/family in dealing with end of life issues
• Comply with organization policy and General HIPAA regulations regarding patient information and confidentiality.


Field experience may expose employee to temperature extremes, physical injury by patient, family, animal or other in the community, unsafe environment or exposure to infectious diseases and offensive odors.

a. Equipment and Supplies: Prudent and efficient use of routine office supplies and equipment. Prudent and efficient use of routine medical supplies, nursing bag contents, sphygmomanometer and stethoscope, instrument packs. All the preceding items should be protected from theft and weather at all times.

b. Knowledge and Competency: Must demonstrate basic knowledge of all procedures included in the Nurse Practitioner job description. Must have the ability to follow instructions from the physicians, nursing supervisor and other

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IDT professional staff. Ability to communicate effectively with managers, patients, families and co-workers. Must have effective means of transportation, which will enable employee to make visits to patients’ homes if needed. Must be able to assess safety of home situations for self, patients, and other staff members, including physical and psychological dangers. Must have the ability to effectively cope with patients, families and all others with varying backgrounds, socioeconomic conditions, and value judgments. Skills include the ability to use cognizant approach to problem solving in delivering patient care with considerations being given to the patient’s past experience, finances and other resources. Skills are needed to assess both physical and psychological needs of patients and institute the appropriate nursing intervention. Must possess ingenuity to handle medical and situational emergencies.

Maintains confidentiality of information relating to the patient and family. Will discuss only those aspects necessary to the care and treatment of patient and family with those directly involved in the patient’s care.

c. Physical Demands: Must be able to complete all physical demands of the job, which may include, but not be limited to: the ability to lift and transfer patients, carry supplies, and read normal typewritten print. Have corrected vision and hearing within normal range and have manual dexterity with normal range of motion of all extremities. May be requested to work weekends, holidays, and occasional overtime. Must be able to work alone without usual support systems immediately available in acute care settings. Must have the ability to deal with abrupt schedule changes and to maintain objectivity in coping with the stress of working with acute, chronic and terminally ill patients.

d. Work Ethic: Complies with the agency dress code, projects a professional attitude toward self, patients, and other staff members, and follows department public relation policies regarding outside speaking and professional affiliations, clearing all such requests through the agency.

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Employee is required to sit frequently, stand and walk occasionally. Employee must lift/carry light loads (20 pounds maximum) occasionally.

Employee is required to bend, squat, walk and lift floor to waist occasionally; reach forward and overhead frequently and to sit continuously. For repetitive action, employee is required to use one hand for simple grasping, pushing/pulling and both hands for fine manipulation. Employee is exposed to computer terminal work frequently. Employee is not exposed to blood borne pathogens.

Employee will regularly handle confidential patient information. Exposure to irate/abusive patients and families may occur.

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