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Physical Therapist PRN



Meets appropriate state requirements for state of employment. Has had a minimum of one year working experience as a CONTRACTED PHYSICAL THERAPIST.

REPORT TO: Branch Administrator


Must demonstrate basic knowledge of all procedures included in the Physical Therapy description. Must have the ability to follow instructions from the physician, Nursing Supervisor and other professional staff. Ability to communicate effectively with managers, patients, families and co-workers. Must be able to assess safety of home situations for self, patients, and other staff members, including physical and psychological dangers. Must have the ability to effectively cope with patients, families and all others with varying backgrounds, socioeconomic conditions, and value judgments.

Maintains confidentiality of information relating to patient. Will discuss only those aspects necessary to care and treatment of patient with those directly involved in the patient’s care.

JOB DUTIES (includes but not limited to the following):
1. Assists the physician in evaluating the patient’s level of function.
2. Assesses patient’s home environment for safety hazards and architectural barriers, identifies equipment needs.
3. Identifies functional problems and establishes goals and a plan of care designed to improve the patient’s functional status (revises as necessary).
4. Performs patient tests, measurements, and evaluations, such as range of motion and manual muscle tests, gait and functional analysis, and body parts measurement, and records and evaluates findings to aid in establishing or revising specifics of treatment programs.
5. Instructs patient and family members, as well as other health team members, during certain phases of physical therapy in which they may work with the patient.
6. Periodically re-evaluates and upgrades the patient’s program to maximize functional improvement.
7. Administers the exercise program utilizing specialized therapeutic exercise techniques and equipment.
8. Plans and administers prescribed physical therapy treatment programs for patients to restore function, relieve pain and prevent disability following disease, injury, or loss of body part.


9. Recommends prosthetic/orthotic devices for patients or evaluates their devices and makes minor adjustments or recommends modifications by the prosthestist/orthotist.
10. Confers with the family, physician, and other agency professional staff to obtain information to promote coordinated, efficient, and quality patient care.
11. Performs and submits required documentation of patient’s evaluations, plan of care, clinical notes, and progress reports, summaries along with changes in orders.
12. Orients, instructs, and supervises the home health aide every two weeks in carrying out specific physical therapy modalities, when appropriate.
13. Keeps abreast of changes in physical therapy theories and practices, contributes to the ongoing development of programs and professionals within the service of sharing expertise, contributing resources and giving in-services.
14. Keeps his/her immediate supervisor informed of problem areas and makes suggestions for improvement.
15. Attends and contributes to in-services, clinical records reviews, IDT meetings required to ensure coordinated and comprehensive plans of care for the patients of the agency.
16. Performs physical therapy assistant on-site supervision every as required. The supervisory visits may be made either when the physical therapy assistant is present so that the supervisor may observe and assist, or when the physical therapy assistants at all times while the physical therapy assistant is treating patients. The supervisory visit will include a complete on-site functional assessment, an on-site review of activities with appropriate revision of treatment plan, and an assessment of the utilization of outside resources.
17. The CONTRACTED PHYSICAL THERPASIT will be accessible by phone to the physical therapy assistants at all times while the physical therapy assistant is treating patients.
18. Other duties as assigned by management.


Must be able to complete all physical demands of the job, which may include, but not be limited to: the ability to lift and transfer patients, carry supplies, and read normal typewritten print. Have corrected vision and hearing within normal range and have manual dexterity with normal range of motion of all extremities. May be requested to work weekends, holidays, and occasional overtime. Must be able to work alone without usual support systems immediately available in acute care settings. Must have the ability to deal with abrupt schedule changes and to maintain objectivity in coping with the stress of working with acute, chronic and terminally ill patients.

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