Volunteer Coordinator

QUALIFICATIONS: Responsible for recruiting, coordinating and directing volunteer services committed to the philosophy, goals and objectives of the hospice concept. High school graduate (minimum) with a minimum of two years management experience in a related professional capacity, supervising a program, program development or administration. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Ability to plan, organize and supervise volunteers. Communicates both orally and in writing. Experience with a hospice program preferred

REPORT TO: Branch Manager

KNOWLEDGE AND COMPETENCY: Must demonstrate basic knowledge of all activities included in the volunteer coordinator’s job description. Must have the ability to follow instructions from the physician, nursing supervisor and other professional staff. Ability to communicate effectively with managers, patients, families and co-workers. Must be able to assess safety of home situations for self, patients, and other staff members, including physical and psychological dangers. Must have the ability to effectively cope with patients, families and all others with varying backgrounds, socioeconomic conditions, and value judgments. <br><br>Maintains confidentiality of information relating to the patient and family. Will discuss only those aspects necessary to the care and treatment of patient and family with those directly involved in the patient’s care.

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES (includes but not limited to the following):

1) Interfaces with the Administrator and/or Patient Care Director to aid in the overall development and enhancement of the volunteer program

2) Develops and conducts a continuing program for recruiting, training, and retention of volunteers.

3) Supervises and establishes goals and objectives the volunteer program.

4) Responsible for screening, selecting, evaluating and counseling of volunteers, to ensure these individuals meet the highest standards of personal integrity, emotional maturity, responsibility, flexibility and sensitivity to the needs of the dying patient and family. Performs annual evaluations for all volunteers.

5) Assigns volunteers to meet program needs appropriate to volunteers’ interests and skills

6) Coordinates and participates in volunteer training and orientation sessions

7) Interfaces with the Administrator regarding revisions, additions and deletions of volunteer forms.

8) Responsible for maintaining, revising, editing and disbursing directories, training manuals, volunteer policies and information to volunteers regarding any changes

9) Responsible for documenting and tracking appropriate volunteer statistical information and other volunteer program records

10) Assesses and identifies volunteers’ educational needs and implements appropriate programs.

11) Participates in exhibits, workshops, promotions and conferences to promote community awareness

12) Develops and maintains relationships with clergy, individuals and organizations within the community necessary to support the outreach activities of the volunteer program.

13) Assists with ongoing internal and external community relations program to maintain ties with potential volunteers and organizations.

14) Participates in in-service programs and staff meetings.

15) Evaluates own needs for support and using identified system(s) to meet the need